In our trainings, we offer you the opportunity to develop and grow in the entire analytical spectrum. The focus is on the sound transfer of lasting competencies, as well as practice and exchange between the training participants. The portfolio includes both analog and digital learning formats that provide appealing variety and the highest possible flexibility. The careful handling of your data and the option of pseudonymous participation in digital learning formats also ensure maximum protection of your data. Embark on the exciting and rewarding journey to more critical thinking, more efficient analysis processes and more relevant analysis products.

An English Version of the course is available as In-House-Training


Keep an overview of all relevant actors, influencing factors and events - here you will learn how.


Good analysis results make the difference: they are the foundation of information superiority - Here you will learn to communicate results effectively.


Declare war on cognitive pitfalls in your analysis processes: Learn the cognitive psychology of biases and heuristics and how to deal with them.


Learn to ask the right questions in the right way: Because good questions lead to relevant products that enable your client to make better decisions.


Explore the wide range of structured analytic techniques and sharpen your critical thinking skills.

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Foresight-workshop (inhouse)

The future is plural.

In this 3-day training, you and your staff will learn the basics of future-oriented analysis. Decision makers cannot change the past, nor the present. They can only try to influence the future. Therefore, analysis products should always be able to describe the space of possibilities of conceivable futures. Based on this, decisions can then be made that promote positive developments and help prevent negative developments.

This workshop, which focuses on a topic of your choice, includes the following content: Ihnen gewählten Thema befasst, umfasst die folgenden Inhalte:

Structured analysis in information and cyber security (in-house)

How can lessons learned and insights from intelligence be applied to information and cybersecurity?

This 3-day training is designed for offensive (Red'ler / Pen tester), defensive (Blue'ler, CISOs), Incidence Response Managers, and other information security executives and personnel. offensive (Red'ler / Pen-Tester), defensive (Blue'ler, CISOs), Incidence Response Manager sowie weitere Führungskräfte und Personal aus dem Bereich der Informationssicherheit.

This hands-on training focuses on the following topics:

leading Intelligence (inhouse)

Any knowledge enterprise is only as good as the personnel who run it. This is also true for any Intelligence team or division. Get the best out of your analysts and increase the added value and relevance of your team.

This 3-day training is designed for leaders in the fields of military, open source intelligence (OSINT), law enforcement, intelligence, information security, cybersecurity, travel security, fraud, finance, and corporate security.ilitär, Open-Source-Intelligence (OSINT), Strafverfolgung, Nachrichtendienste, Informationssicherheit, Cybersicherheit, Reisesicherheit, Fraud, Finanzen und Corporate Security.

This hands-on training focuses on the following topics: